Achieving Begins With Believing


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Please Believe Fitness

Thank you for your interest in Please Believe Fitness!! One of greatest factors of success is “Believing In Yourself”.
At Please Believe Fitness, we create an environment of encouragement and motivation that constantly and continually re-enforces the fact that all things are possible if you truly BELIEVE; that YOU can do anything if you truly BELIEVE. There are no strangers at Please Believe Fitness. When you join our program, you become a valued member of the “Please Believe Family”. Our “Believers”(this is what we refer to our member as instead of clients) help and push each other towards their goals, and to the next level.No matter what your current health and fitness level may be, Please Believe Fitness has a program that fits you. Let us help you with obtaining your fitness goals; and ultimately begin your life changing transformation….Please Believe!!

I Believe In Myself
I Believe In the Power I Have Over My Own Life
I Believe In the Strength I Have Inside and My Faith Will Show Me the Way
I Believe In Tomorrow and What It Will Bring
I’ll Let a Hopeful Heart Carry Me Through For Things Will Work Out If I Trust and Believe

There Is No Limit To What I Can Do!!



Our standardized system of testing our clients current fitness and motivation to push them to the next level.


Fitness Training

Fitness Training is a key part of out program.  It is designed to fit the needs of all clients in need of a life change.


Dedicated Coaching

Our coaches are dedicated to each client individually.  From working out to nutritional plan to daily guidance and motivation we are here to serve you

We have FitRanX

  • FitRanX™ is a comprehensive and standardized assessment system used for gauging individuals’ fitness levels.
  • This is not a system based on how long you have been or how much your Coach thinks you have improved.
  • This is a REAL ranking system that took years to develop and perfect.
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JD Davis


Shannon Green




  • Seniors

    Our senior classes focus on strength building and age related issues that can be repaired, corrected or adjusted.  

  • Children and Teens

    We focus on healthy eating, balance activity and life style changes.

  • Athletes

    Athletes have a special designed program that focuses on the areas that need improvement.

  • Ladies

    Our program for ladies looking to lose weight, tone specific areas or gain confidence in self again is unique to each client.  

  • His & Her Package

    Our his and her program is designed to develop and system that will accommodate the couples style and current health needs.  

  • Bridal Package

    Our bridal program is a unique class that allows bridal parties to customize a desired goal and create a plan that will help them reach their goals by a certain date.

Please Believe Fitness

Achieving Begins With Believing!

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